About Us

A Few Words About Our Convent

Mahalle Convent: A Hub for Early Childhood Education and Development. Mahalle Convent has been providing quality education to children for the last 6 years. Located in a serene and peaceful environment, the convent offers a wide range of educational services such as playgroup, nursery, KG-1, KG-2. The convent was founded by Dr. Balwantrao L. Mahalle, a philanthropist and social activist who is passionate about the education of children.

Over the years, Mahalle Convent has become a renowned institution in the local community. More than 500 students have pass outs from the convent, and many of them have gone on to excel in their further academic performance.

  • Apart from regular classroom teaching, Mahalle Convent also organizes various co-curricular activities that help in the overall development of the children. These activities include annual programs, field visits, student activities, sports activities, and festival celebrations.
  • Sports activities are an integral part of the curriculum at Mahalle Convent. The convent has a spacious playground where children can play and participate in various outdoor games.
  • In conclusion, Mahalle Convent is a place where children can receive a high-quality education in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Founder & Director Of Mahalle Convent

DR. Balwantrao L. Mahalle

our_team_2Dr. Balwantrao L. Mahalle is a highly experienced and respected medical practitioner who has dedicated over 50 years of his life to the healthcare field. One of Dr. Mahalle's notable achievements is the establishment of the Mahalle Convent, a convent that provides quality education to children in affordable fees. The idea to build the convent came to Dr. Mahalle while he was thinking to contribute in education field.

In addition, Dr. Mahalle is also involved in various social and community development activities. He is the chairman of the Lok Kalyan Society, Dattatray Nagar, Nagpur. Dr. Mahalle is also actively involved in the management of the Gajanan Mandir, a prominent temple in the area.

Dr. Balwantrao L. Mahalle is a well-respected figure in the community, known for his selfless service and dedication to the welfare of others. His contributions to the fields of healthcare, education, and social development have touched the lives of many, and his legacy is sure to inspire generations to come.


Our Convent provides the following services

Enculturating Education

We Provide Enculturating education is an approach to education that emphasizes the importance of learning about and embracing one's culture. It involves incorporating cultural values, beliefs, and practices into the educational experience of students.

Spacious School & Airy Classrooms

We provide a spacious school with airy classrooms creating a comfortable and conducive learning environment. In conclusion, spacious schools with airy classrooms are essential for creating a positive and healthy learning environment.

Toys and Games

We provide free space and toys for Children to play with. Toys and games are important for the development of children. They help to develop a range of skills, cognitive and emotional development, and physical development and can have educational value.

Digital Classrooms

Our convent provides an online learning environment that uses technology to support and enhance the teaching and learning process. We offer access to information, promote interactive and personalized learning, and offer flexibility. Digital classrooms are used for advanced learning.

Annual Function

Mahalle Convent's annual function is a celebration of achievement, talent, and creativity. It is held every year in the Mahalle Convent's auditorium. The function showcases the talents of students in a wide range of disciplines, including sports, music, dance, drama, and exhibitions.

Physical Activity

Our convent is a great place to engage in physical activity.This provides a playful environment that is perfect for our kids who want to stay fit and healthy.The convent is located in a scenic area with lush greenery and is surrounded by beautiful gardens,making it an ideal place to get some fresh air and exercise.